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Re: Why do people judge gamers?

I never understood the appeal of playing as STAR TREK characters in a video game. That is, manipulating digital puppets on repetitive, pre-determined missions. If I were to ever play a video game based on STAR TREK, it would seem that the starships themselves would provide enough entertainment. Specifically, firing phasers and quantum torpedoes and ... and so forth. I find the whole playing with puppets thing to be very strange, but I never judged gamers for that.

In fact, there are even video games out now, which are designed to help doctors home their eye-hand coordination and things like that. I'm not much of a gamer, at all, but when I've given it a go, I just want the KILL button and lots of easy targets. I don't want to be "challenged." It's bad enough there's these very strange controls, with the X, O, ^ buttons, the twirly knobs and all that ... maybe all of these things collectively influence people's judgement on gamers? But as I say, video games have certainly proven their worth, in certain circles ... and situations.
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