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Re: Rock Jockeys: "Gold-Plated Trouble"

Oh my, TLR! How could I have stayed away from the BBS for so long and missed this wonderful story?! I have always loved the way you write a character, and this story does not disappoint.

Okay, I know why I stopped coming back, but I won't go there.

Anyhoo, the story brings me back to when we wrote together. I miss that so much, your talent and our cooperative efforts. I know the last response to this story was about five months ago, but I'm hoping you get some sort of notification that there's a new response to the topic, because I would really love to get in touch with you! I have questions to ask for my own fan fics, which I am in the process of rebooting. So yeah, hopefully you'll see this and I'll hear from you soon.
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