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Re: The War Doctor Returns in a New Novel

Saw something about this online earlier, definitely a must read. Novels are certainly the best way to revisit the War Doctor and given how much he aged during his lifespan, there's plenty of material to cover. While I'm not sure I'd want an ongoing series continuity like the Eighth Doctor had or even the Seventh had with the New Adventures, a stand alone novel or two per year would real satisfactory.

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TI wonder what he'll call himself in this book, since he apparently did not even though the General, Rassilon and everyone else did
I was thinking about that very thing recently. And here's what I came up with.

I think it's very possible that he did, in fact, refer to himself as "the Doctor" during his lifetime. Yes, his first words were "Doctor no more," but at that point he hadn't done anything bad, and even as the War raged on and he was forced to do more morally ambiguous things he could justify them in a larger "ends justify the means" framework and that he was being the Doctor by doing them. In this view, it's only when he decided to timenuke Gallifrey and steal the Moment that he realized that a line had been crossed as he was, truly, "Doctor no more." And, if so, that's the point of what the Moment does, to show this man who has just renounced his own identity the person that he was and would be.
Problem is, in Time of the Doctor when explaining the regeneration limit and to Clara and how he's on his final life, the Doctor explains "I may not have called myself the Doctor during the Time War, but that's still a regeneration." That makes it pretty clear he was going by a different name back then.

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Read about it, maybe will read it sometime along the line... but really, I'm not that interested. Hurt's great, but of all the Doctors, he's last for me.
The War Doctor is a real interesting idea with lots of story potential that was sadly squandered in Day of the Doctor, so I'm really looking forward to this novel. A chance to see the War Doctor at his best/worst. Plus, he's practically a blank slate, so there's a lot about this Doctor for a novel to explore.
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