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Re: ‘Star Trek 3′: Roberto Orci Wants to Direct

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Then stop paying for theater tickets and DVDs/blu rays for films like these. Vote with your wallet.
It's a good point you make, though I didn't bother with the dvd/blu-rays, I did buy those tickets. Both times I was optimistic about them, even after ST09 I still gave STID a shot because it looked more like a Star Trek story now that we had gotten past the origin stories. I love Star Trek and I give everything a shot before deciding to stop. I watched ENTERPRISE for the first several episodes before giving up.

After two disappointments, I likely won't see that third film, especially if Orci and the Bad Robot crew are still heavily involved.

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Honestly, I don't give a shit what people want.
Yeah, it's always kind of amusing to see people talk like they're unofficial bean-counters for the movie studio.
I think a lot of fans get wrapped up in the box office stuff because they genuinely want to see Trek return as a popular entity after NEMESIS and ENTERPRISE tanking. I am glad that Trek has become popular again. I do see the positives of nuTrek such as new fans starting to discover the older shows and films.
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