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Re: ‘Star Trek 3′: Roberto Orci Wants to Direct

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You can't even safely assume that the credited writers are responsible for a single word of dialogue you hear in the film.

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Because his movies are hugely popular and have made hundreds of millions of dollars.

That's the way it works.
Yup. A lot of junk gets rewarded as the box office and those people get more work to make more junk. Sad but true.
Yup. Movies that lots of people actually want to see get rewarded at the box office. Movies that not many people want to see - you know, like the last few oldTrek movies - lose out.
The last few oldTrek films got what they deserved at the box office, a fine case of subpar films not getting rewarded.

What's "sad" about that? You think there's some other way that things should work? Is it that you think studios owe some small number of people access to their resources, or that you think most people are somehow less than bright or deserving?

You know what's really an inferior product? A product that people don't want.

(Yes, commercial films are products. Surprise!)
Honestly, I don't give a shit what people want. What I want is better writing in films. A lot of studios just crank out films with subpar scripts because they know that the spectacle is what will sell these films, not quality scripts. Nothing wrong with wanting spectacle, but I'd like a little more than just a plot strung together by action sequences and cliches. I'm not asking for endless conference meetings where characters explain everything and bore everyone.

I don't mind STAR TREK being turned into summer spectacle, but I'd like better writing and less cliches. Is that asking too much?
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