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Re: Had the Maquis Narrative Continued?

The Maquis were more the result of the Cardies not honoring their end of the agreement and continuing to assault them. The people in the DMZ knew that the worlds were contested all along but settled them anyways when the Feds warned them that they wouldn't be able to protect them, they themselves agreed to give up Fed protection to stay in the DMZ (without complaint) and then when the Cardies attacked again they knew they had to take matters into their own hands.

Their enemies were Cardassia, they weren't going out of their way to antagonize the Feds unless they absolutely had to (and the Feds didn't want to have to fight them either).

Take out Cardassia, and the major sticking point is gone and neither the Maquis nor the Feds have any reason to keep fighting one another.
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