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Re: Picard was right, Sisko was in the wrong..

This is admittedly a more fanciful thought, but:

Perhaps Saratoga's comm systems were offline for a time, and when they got the announcement that the Borg were heading for Wolf 359 they either had absolutely no time to "waste" offloading civilians, were already in the system and the battle basically started on top of them, or insert your own explanation here.

I think any starship captain who found out about a Borg incursion in an area where if they wanted to make a difference they needed to be there as soon as possible would not stop to drop off civilians. It's safe to assume that, children excepted, the civilians knew what they might be getting into when they asked to be on the ship in the first place.

I'm unaware of anyone who thought Sisko was "virtuous" with regards to Picard. Rather I think a number of people feel that Sisko's ire was understandable on an emotional level if not an intellectual one (since objectively Picard isn't to blame for Jennifer's death).
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