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Re: The early seasons :

While I'm not upset I watched the 1st 2 seasons, I'm not ashamed to say they probably were the worst seasons 1&2 in all of trek (just eeeeking out TNG).

There's tons to complain about.

Just a couple...

The Ferengi are now like Quark? How did that change come about from TNG?

How does DS9 go from a war torn station to all "Star Fleet sparkly" inside about 3 episodes?

What's up with all these lead actors that can't act? Avery, Nana & Alexander horribly over acted... Terry was a board. If it weren't for the outstanding supporting cast (Rene, Armin, Colm, Cirroc, etc...) I wouldn't have made it through the 1st 2 seasons.

No exploring to speak of, we are "treking" nowhere...

How is it "OK" for Dax to call her Commanding Officer "Benjaman" and Sisko to refer to one of his officers as "old man"? Where on the planet (or space) is that EVER acceptable?

That all said, I'm glad I stuck with it as it get really good once the Dominion pop in...
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