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Re: Had the Maquis Narrative Continued?

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What would you call the space-country? Could we go all Civil War mode and call it the Confederation of Planets or something?
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Anwar wrote: View Post
Why didn't they care more about their fates back in the AQ? They were too busy surviving day to day to worry about that, and if it came down to it they might've just asked to be let off when VOY was getting closer to home. As it is, they participated in enough good acts that the Feds would be fine pardoning them for any crimes they committed (and they weren't even a particularly violent or criminal Maquis cell).
They get home and are immediately reminded that the rest of the Maquis are all dead or finishing out their prison sentences, and their homes and families in the DMZ were most likely all killed by the Dominion. Even if they get pardoned and don't have to report to penal colonies for a short sentence, where do they go, what do they do? I'm sure some of them will keep their Starfleet commissions, but what about everyone else?
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