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Re: MS Excel Question

Apache OpenOffice has a "New" function on the "File" menu that offers creation of a new HTML document (AKA web page). There's also "HTML Document" listed among the many file types in the "Save As..." pop-up. I don't know if you would need a separate FTP program to upload the resulting pages to a server. OpenOffice Writer has similar abilities as Word to insert links to pictures into documents. I would be surprised if Microsoft has dropped this capability from Word, although I wouldn't expect the full capabilities of a program developed for the use of a serious web developer.

I never tried that spreadsheet insertion function. I'm suspecting it inserted a table which added the results shown on the spreadsheet instead of all the formula and function capabilities (at least as far as someone could view in a web browser).

The Apache OpenOffice help function indicates that it too has a label merge capability. It describes clicking an arrow button to move fields into the label and using carriage returns to move the insertion point to new lines on the label.

Similar OpenOffice suites may be available from other sources.
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