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Re: 10-Forward Enterprise(s) size(s) monkey wrench in debate?

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And all respect to Probert (who's work I *LOVE*)...I always liked the idea of the bigger?massive ship that the 10-Forward implied. (And now it makes it STILL bigger than the JJ'Prise!)

But I guess when we saw all those movie models looking massive next to the E-D - the scale *wasn't* off like I was just right. But that doesn't seem right to me. To me, the E-D should be HUGE.

One of my biggest problems with the E-D is that the bigger windows...well, *do* make sense on a bigger ship. But part of my mind still see's them as the same says as the movie ship in *downscales* the Enterprise-D in my head. But maybe I'm seeing it as closer to the scale it was meant to be.

Wish I could see a comparison of both "sizes" of the ship, taking into account 10-forward.
The Ent D overall is a larger ship than the JJPrise even at 641 meters, its just the nacelles of the the JJPrise are very long which gives the ship greater overall length.
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