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Re: Best Season-long Story arc

Fair enough - though the "Entropy" arc technically does not include "The Leisure Hive" which started off that season; and you could argue that the E-Space Trilogy instead leads to the "New Master" trilogy of "The Keeper of Traken", "Logopolis" and "Castrovalva", though it's probably better to say that it's more just more serial-focused than before. Similarly, there is the "Let's get Tegan home" series of adventures that starts with "Castrovalva" and takes the whole season to accomplish. Not really an arc, but it was part of the narrative that was driving the show back to London 1980-1.

The season 26 stories were consciously focused on Ace's development, and formed the climax of the so-called "Fenric arc" that actually spans from "Dragonfire" (Ace's introduction), through "The Curse of Fenric" and arguably including "Survival". If anything, it's comparable to Clara's arc, though seen through 1980s storytelling.

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