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Re: Last Classic Who Story you watched

Images of Fendahl was reall dull. I couldn't get all the way through it (after about an episode and a half of boredom). Looking on wikipedia, it was written by Chris Boucher, who also wrote the last Doctor Who serial I couldn't get through, The Robots of Death. So, he's two for three with serials (he also write the decent The Face of Evil) but luckily this seems to be the last Doctor who story he wrote. This serial had a boring set up, some lame attempts at horror, and a very lackluster cast of side characters. Next up for the Fouth Doctor will be Underworld.

Before that, though, I've decided to take a quick break and watch the 2nd Doctor serial The Abominable Snowmen. Its a 6 episode serial with 5 episodes missing, but the reconstruction of the first episode was ok, and I'm going to watch it all. I'm two episodes in (episode 2 is the only complete episode left) and its an entertaining story. The Yeti look stupid, but in a fun, goofy kind of way. The Doctor is as entertaining as ever. Every time I've seen the 2nd Doctor I always want to see more of him.
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