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Re: 10-Forward Enterprise(s) size(s) monkey wrench in debate?

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How do you explain the exterior shot of Ten Forward that puts it on the saucer's edge? I can't recall, at the moment, which episode that was in.
I don't, but given the majority of externally visible shots and other items for size reference, as pointed out by King Daniel, I'm choosing the lesser of two (we)evils. YMMV

The window bay above the Captain's Yacht also faces "forward", so I don't see a problem here. Admittedly, the Ten Forward windows are not compatible with this window bay, but neither are they compatible with the central bow windows on the saucer section of the bigger 6-foot VFX model.

For all I know the "ten" could refer to the amount of tables or hospitality zones or else. But if one insisted, the "ten" were referring to the actual deck number, I'd wonder how tall the decks then would be on an Enterprise-D now almost twice the size of Andrew Probert's creation...

I always wish that we had the budget and technology to see what was behind some of those windows! I imagine spaces like TMP's Rec Room...and various observation lounges, crew relaxation areas, diplomatic meeting/banquet rooms...*arboretums*...

I just always wondered because we saw a lot of window-fronted spaces like that on the E-D and E-E...and I always wanted to know what was behind them. Both the E-D and the E-E had space for LOTS of rooms as big as the TMP Rec Room...and not *everyone* probably just hung out in 10-Forward. (I would love to see a fan or professional artists conception of and Enterprise-D Rec Dec...)
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