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Re: What was wrong with the TMP uniforms?

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I kind of have a soft-spot for them, and felt that they allowed for a futuristic look for the film. If there was one flaw, I felt that the overall design was not consistent. I couldn't tell which department belong to what uniform, and there were too many collar variations. But I did like the idea of slipping on a jacket over your uniform, one that was designed to be utilitarian, and not bulky (compared to the field jacket in TWOK).

I do wonder if the field jumpsuits in STiD is a throwback to some of the TMP uniforms, but without the 1970s look...
As someone who saw the film at the Chinese theatre (in Hollywood, CA) it's opening week with friends in November 1979:

The consensus on the TMP uniforms was:

"Who the hell thought pajamas would be the Fleet uniform of the late 23rd century? Whomever it was should be shot."

I still feel that way 35 years later. Never liked the TMP Starfleet uniforms, never will.
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