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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2013

Letter 44 sounds like it has potential. A Solar System-based space drama with Rene Echevarria on board? Could be worthwhile.

Killjoys has an interesting pedigree. Creators from Orphan Black and Lost Girl? Both have strong female leads, but are very different in tone. I hope the "fun-loving" part suggests it'll be skewing more toward LG's lighter tone. A lot of the new shows I'm hearing about from Syfy sound like they're trying to be ultra-dark and gritty in the vein of BSG and Game of Thrones, but I'd prefer something more in the vein of Stargate, Eureka, Warehouse 13, and, yes, Lost Girl.

Speaking of Orphan Black, that Clone show would have to have something to make it distinctive and not feel like just an attempt to imitate OB.

The premise of Ascension is very weird. A giant interstellar generation ship launched in 1963???? Before we even launched the first multi-person space capsule or devised a rocket powerful enough to leave Earth orbit, we launched an interstellar starship with a crew of hundreds? And it's "nearly 50 years into the journey," meaning it's set before 2013? In the past? What the hell?

I mean, I think I've heard of this Ascension project before, in development news from a year or two ago, and it sounded interesting then. But the 1963 launch date makes no sense and I can't see what purpose it serves in the story.
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