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Re: Had the Maquis Narrative Continued?

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I'd assume the Federation would finagle granting them independence so they wouldn't have to actively deal with them threatening the peace. Starfleet has to prevent Federation citizens from attacking the Cardassian Union, not citizens of the Maquis Empire from reconquering a portion of the Cardassian Union.
I wonder if the Dominion wuld make that distinction?

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The Dominion may have wiped out the active Maquis body, but did that still solve the issue why the Maquis was created to begin with? After the Dominion War, what's the reason the Maquis wouldn't be rebuilt?

One of the many things Voyager didn't dive into, even though it should have. Did Chakotay, Torres, etc... all forget why they joined the Maquis? What would they do after they returned to the Alpha Quadrant?

I doubt given the devastion wrought upon Cardassia Prime, and the military losses incurred over a war which lasted a couple of years that the Cardassian Union would be in much of position to make any demands.
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