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Re: Costuming - TOS Boots

Commish, I took your advice and trawled every women's shoe department in Sydney, but sadly my feet are too wide. It was a good idea, there were so many that would have been perfect, but my fat feet made it impossible in even the biggest sizes. Was worth it for some of the reactions I got from people when they asked what I was looking for, though

I found an old fashioned bootmaker (there is one left in the whole city) who was intrigued, but he wanted $2,000

I had almost given up, then I started googling for "boots" rather than "Star Trek boots", and found something called the "Funtasma Captain - 100".
Only $45 + $15 shipping. Looks pretty close to GSchnitzer's pic, and the price is right for something I'm going to wear a couple of times a year max.

Thanks all for the suggestions
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