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Re: "Two Takes" Frakes

Whilst I adore Genie Francis - she's so sweet! - I kind of blame her, honestly, for letting Frakes slide on taking care of himself. For example, she could've surprised him with gift of Rogaine (Extra Strength), as he is getting thin up top. She also could've encouraged him - most strongly - to exercise in a Home Gym, perhaps. Or, at the very least, have him exercise in a heated Swimming Pool. It's hard to see all of THE NEXT GENERATION cast getting old - especially Gates and Marina. But to let oneself go, so completely, in an Industry that prizes Good Looks above all, doesn't make a lot of sense to me. Does Frakes have health concerns, does anybody know? Has this been a contributing factor in his declining appearance? Believe me, I don't even want to address it, but it's what's going on ...
It Takes Two.
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