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Re: MS Excel Question

I'm not sure if you're wanting to automate the creation of one placard at a time or a new table with data from those 4 or 5 columns in some arrangement other than on a singe line of spreadsheet cells.

You might want to look at the write up in Excel's help for the VLOOKUP() function. It appears to return a value on the same line as a desired value in the first column. Let's imagine you have US two letter state abbreviations in the first column and the respective capitals in the second column. Apparently the VLOOKUP() function could be used to return the appropriate capital when the abbreviation is provided as the first argument, the range containing the data is provided as the second argument (a named range might be desirable) and the column for the return value as the third argument. For an exact match in an unsorted table you would want FALSE as the fourth argument.

Of course you would want to enter the abbreviation you're searching for into a cell outside your placard and use a reference to that cell in the "report" cell in the placard itself.

Note that I'm not prone to pay Microsoft periodic tributes for their fancy UI changes, so I found this information in the help system for Excel '97.

Edited to add: If you're planning to print all the placards in one session it might be possible to use Office's mail merge capabilities in a manner similar to printing out mailing labels.

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