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Re: What was wrong with the TMP uniforms?

I think the TMP uniforms were conceptually the strongest in all of Trek. They continued the established rank system and expanded it so it could be used on the shoulders if necessary. They provided for enlisted rank insignia. They expanded the division colors to be more specific. There were dressy, working, normal duty and maybe off-duty variants, plus additional clothing for engineering, security, medical and so on.

Our personal preferences on style or the color palette are irrelevant as far as the concept goes, since they are future uniforms and about the only thing we can be sure about them is that they would look a lot different from our present day aesthetic expectations. But that said, I personally don't care for the uneven, un-tucked shirttail hemline of the uniform tunics, the "floating" belt buckle without visible belt, and the collar-less field jacket (ever tried to keep warm in something without a collar?). The different uniform colors are a little odd, I don't mind them but they seem like there's kind of a system to them, and kind of not. But that's nit-picking, overall I'm a fan of the TMP uniforms.
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