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Re: Random stuff like to see in ST3

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An end to the NuTimeline.
"Hi, my name's Captain Braxton and I'm here to fix the timeline!"

Unlikely...there's no way that Braxton and company could even know about this timeline in the first place, since the black hole that took Spock Prime and Nero there was strictly one-way. (That's why the new timeline didn't overwrite the old.)

If they can scan time like 24th century Trekkers scan space, and view all these timelines effortlessly, there's definitely room for them to find out about the Abramsverse if the writers want them to.

Not that I think they will. Although I guess that choice central to ST3's plot which co-writer J.D. Payne was talking about could be whether to restore the Prime history or not (despite what was said after ST'09 came out, they have ample wiggle room to change their minds and say it was overwritten if they want). It would certainly be a very Trek-centric plot for a 50th anniversary special and one which fans would have very passionate feelings for or against.
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