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I don't really like Pine as Kirk but its mostly the script.
I'm hoping he'll come off less of a jerk in the next movies. I certainly liked him better in STID than in ST09.

Come to think of it I didn't like Shatner as Kirk until the 80s. I thought he was too much of a 'ladies' man.
Maybe in another 20 years I'll think better of Pine.

I think I'd like Urban better as Kirk though.
I am with you on Urban...has he had a "bad " role?...if he has, I cannot I think of it...Bourne, ST, LOtR, Riddick...I did not see Judge Dredd, but I understand he did a good I job with that...I read recently that his "voice" of Dr. McCoy was so good that it moved Leonard Nimoy to gotta love that...
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