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Re: MLP:FIM S4E23 - "Inspiration Manifestation" - Grading & Discussion

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Yeah, I think he didn't know what else to do at that point! On the other hand, he can eat gems (and of course breathe fire), so maybe he can handle digesting a book just fine!
Oh, I knew he could handle it, I just loved the sheer desperation one must have to just up and swallow an entire book. I bet Twilight would have been horrified.
Indeed! I bet Spike never reveals to anypony what happened to the book, if only to avoid it getting back to Twilight!

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"Spike, where is the book now?"

"Um... Twilight, don't get mad..."

"Spike, where is it?"


"YOU WHAT?!!!"
Discord: "Oh, very clever, Spike. Eat any good books lately?"


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