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Re: Chapter Two

TheLoneRedshirt....Glad you liked the tug. I was worried it was a bit over spartan with how sterile most of trek seems. Because of you, now I can keep it around a while.

DavidFalkayn....Actually, Chief Marconi hasn't been a Chief for long...he was a Senior Chief. He's definately going the wrong way on the ladder.

Dnoth......More tech to come, much more. I've always wanted my tech talk to make sense. It's going to be one of the most challenging, and fun things with the Shepard as she is a science vessel after all.

Coming Next: Master Chief Rexar spills the beans on the Shepard, which of course does not tie up everything in a nice little package, sorry. The junior officers have fun with a portable holo emitter station.

Thanks for the feedback..
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