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Re: "Two Takes" Frakes

That's right! And I don't believe that's his only voice over work, either.

Jonathan Frakes has hinted at, perhaps even directly stated, I'm not sure, that STAR TREK basically typecast him and made it harder for him to get parts. As Cyke101 mentioned in this very thread, though, STAR TREK also denied Frakes the opportunity of directing some really major event movies, even within the franchise, itself. And I find that to be very unfair. Actors directing movies they're starring in is not something many of them who've tried it have pulled off.

Kenneth Branagh comes to mind, as I am quite fond of Shakespeare and he's tried bringing a lot of that to the screen. Unfortunately, though, I am not fond of his Hamlet. However, his HENRY V is truly epic. And I would go so far as to say that Frakes reminds me of him, in terms of what he might've been capable of.

The way Frakes stages scenes, the care he takes in choosing some of the best cinematographers in the business and the fact that he knows how to relax people and really get solid performances out of his cast ... what he really should've done was try to go Independent. I don't know if he ever did. I don't doubt that if he lucked out having a really strong writer, Frakes would be a very bankable name. As it is, he's kept himself steadily employed on lesser projects and through the convention circuit and he continues to be a very loved celebrity. So ... he hasn't really done too badly for himself, I suspect ...
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