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Re: Fact-Checking Inside Star Trek: The Real Story

^Nice article, but one more point about Courage and the second season: We know from the soundtrack CD set that Courage did record library cues for season 2 in a session recorded on June 16, 1967, including the second-season arrangement of the main title, 13 original cues of library music built around Courage's main-title and Kirk themes (four of them brief "stingers"), and rerecordings of various first-season cues by Courage, Fred Steiner, and Gerald Fried. So this is one thing Solow and Justman were wrong about: Courage did contribute to season 2 of the show. He just did library music instead of specific episode scores. (Some of his library cues were notably used at the beginning of "Catspaw," in fight scenes in "Journey to Babel" and "Mirror, Mirror," and in Kirk's stirring speech to Mirror Spock in "Mirror, Mirror.")
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