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Re: time travel real?

Any real time travel is going to involve space travel.

Fly really fast, and it is an express trip to the future--but it is one way, unless you take advantage of this:

I have also read about getting two wormhole mouths, accelerating one at NAFAL speeds, then returning--so you have a time machine consisting of two wormholes say, in one room. That is as close to a time machine as you are likely to get, but it would look like two globes, not this:

But a wormhole may not be stable to enter at all, much less when "stretched."

The only real hope of time travel into the past may be though the use of cosmological defects:

Only they have the moxie to pull it off--and then only if the two cosmic strings came close to one another in the past--a double-fly-by, were I to hazard a guess...

Exploiting this type of time travel would be a major, one time undertaking--making D-Day preparations look small.

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