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Re: Random stuff like to see in ST3

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An end to the NuTimeline.
"Hi, my name's Captain Braxton and I'm here to fix the timeline!"

Unlikely...there's no way that Braxton and company could even know about this timeline in the first place, since the black hole that took Spock Prime and Nero there was strictly one-way. (That's why the new timeline didn't overwrite the old.)
Why not? 29th century temporal sensors seem to be able to detect temporal events native to that era, such as the alternate 2390 Harry Kim's intervention in "Timeless". The Relativity's crew probably detected a temporal signature in with the artificial black hole but realized that since nothing changed for them that the Jellyfish and Narada must have undergone one-way travel. Plus, the TIC has had 5 centuries more experience than the TNG era Starfleet. Since that time there's probably been at least 1 incident where some madman stole Starfleet equipment and traveled back in time but Starfleet realized that they were safe because the madman accidentally initiated one-way travel.
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