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Re: Tips for writing a great Star Trek fanfiction story or series.

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Another thing I recognized upon watching Abramstrek 1... write the story for the real world first, and then translate it into space. If it makes sense in a real world scenario, it will make sense in sci fi as well.

nuKirk's journey from cadet to captain is completely ridiculous if you apply it to the real world. A madman with his own ship (let's say a submarine), and an arsenal of nuclear weapons has destroyed a Navy ship, and killed cadet Kirk's father in the process. Years later, he shows up again, and attacks a major city. Naval cadet Kirk is suspended for cheating on a test, but illegally boards the aircraft carrier Enterprise which is sent to the rescue mission. He runs into the command center and confronts the commanding officer (Pike) with his hunch about how it's the madman. When the Enterprise arrives, the rest of the fleet is already destroyed. Pike promotes cadet Kirk to First Officer (!). To save the ship, Pike takes a helicopter to the madman's ship, but drops Kirk and a couple of others in diving suits into the water to stop the nuclear bomb. Pike gets captured, Kirk fails the mission, and the bomb goes off. The city is completely destroyed. The Enterprise could escape the blast zone just in time.

Now, the actual First Officer (Spock) lost his mother in the explosion. He actually left his post (!), took a helicopter to rescue her, but she didn't make it. There is a heated confrontation with Kirk, who wants to go after the madman's submarine immediately. Spock exiles Kirk on a rescue boat on a deserted island (!), instead of putting him into the brig. The Enterprise heads off to meet up with the rest of the naval fleet.

Kirk manages to reach the outpost on the island. He steals a helicopter together with another exiled dude (Scotty) on the outpost, and catches up with the Enterprise. When they are caught, they are taken to the command center. There, Kirk causes a serious meltdown in Spock. Now, the entire crew of the aircraft carrier is completely baffled, no command hierarchy exists (!), so Kirk takes command of the whole thing. And the other dude from the island outpost is promoted to chief engineer of the aircraft carrier (!).

Eventually, Kirk and Spock do a sneak attack on the madman's ship before he can destroy yet another city, rescue Pike and detonate one of the nuclear bombs to destroy the ship.

After that, Kirk is promoted to commanding officer of the aircraft carrier.

This is an absolutely ridiculous story.
Oh, I like that!
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