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Re: DS9 Caption Contest 92: With Friends like These....

Thanks for the triple-win!

DUKAT: And then I tell them, I'm just too generous. I love the Bajorans too much. And that is my greatest flaw.
ODO: As a keen observer of Bajoran nature, I find it highly unlikely that they believe you, and much more likely they're just trying not to get executed.
DUKAT: Oh, but they DO love me.
ODO: Whatever, you're the Gul.

PROPHET: You are adversarial.
SISKO: Not adversarial, competitive!
PROPHET: No civilized creature would use the DH rule.

WINN: Do you think we can ditch the politic speak and just say we want to use each other to get ourselves power? Clearly we're both super-corrupt.

MARTOK: I'm impressed Avery. You finally found a role that fits your acting style.
MARTOK: We should swap characters.

Abstain. Somebody else will think of a better strap on joke than I can.

DUKAT: No, this is how we must leave the lighting during the attack. When Sisko beams over, he'll think we're Prophets.
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