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Re: 51% of Americans don't accept the Big Bang theory

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Well, it is just a theory. None of us were alive however many billions of years ago.
And THIS is also a huge part of the problem.. a collossal misunderstanding of the word theory as it applies in colloquial language and scientific language.

A Theory in science is a proven fact, there is no doubt about it. It has been tested and independently verified by many scientists to the point where everybody agreed that the facts and the hypothesis match.

A theory in general language is something that could be a possibility but it's not proven or disproven yet.

Science sometimes comes up with such insane concepts that it's hard or impossible to understand for a non-science oriented person.

For example it is said that all the matter of the universe was concentrated in an object as large as a ball but when a normal person thinks about it it can break one's mind when you think about the scope (they have a hard time grasping that such huge objects like suns can shrink down to sizes as small as our moon after they die).

So the poll doesn't surprise when it comes to the outcome.. what's more frightening is the utterrejection of science at all, i.e. people don't nother learing about these things even if it would be a very basic article in a magazine that doesn't even go into specifics such as a scientific publication would do.

Science has the habit of challenging one's own preconceived notion on how life works, it is constantly evaluating new facts as they become available which sometimes leads to e complete overturn of what once was thought to be the definite answer. Scientists accept that and they move on, a "normal" person has a hard time doing that especially if they were used to certain "facts" for their entire life only to be told that it was wrong so a conflict may ensue.

In this special case the US is really shooting its own foot by allowing to mix religion and science in schools.. e.g. creationism/intelligent design should never even have to entertained the thought to be mentioned in school yet people and organizations fought tooth and nail over it to be able to include it alongside biology and physics.
It has no place in school where young people should learn about the hard, verifiable facts and above all the scientific method because these are what our world was built on and are verifiable facts.

Religion, at best, should be taught in separate classes (such as it is done in Germany) because it deals in beliefs which in itself is not bad when it doesn't try to impose itself on facts. Religion is more than the literal bible, it is a way of life and it can coexist peacefully alongside science.
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