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Re: Tips for writing a great Star Trek fanfiction story or series.

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It's helpful not to lose sight of the forest because of the trees, IMO. I think it's real easy to get so caught up in the technical aspects of the ship, Starfleet, etc., that the story and characters are drowning in them. Details are important, but too much detail can be as bad (if not worse) as not enough detail because it can bog down a story. Not everything requires a full page or even a full paragraph explanation.
Sounds good to me. When I start to work on a new fanfic, I think of what ship I want (so I know what crew to assign, eg a Sabre-Class with 40 crew is doubtful to have a counsellor on board for patrol missions) then look at who those aboard are that I can tell fun/interesting stories with. Once I have them, then I go back and look at tech specs, bot mostly just the basics: warp capabilities, armament, dimensions, etc.

The ship/station will be a part of your series, at times an important part, but don't get hung up on it. Also one ship doesn't have to do everything; if you want to do something with cadets, then make it a separate project, explore them away from space and adventure first, to see who they are and if they have the right stuff to make it in Starfleet, whilst on another ship entirely, the crew are off exploring.
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