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DS9 Caption Contest 92: With Friends like These....

Welcome back, everyone, and hope you enjoyed that little diversion into The Office for April 1st. We're now resuming the countdown to 100, with this week's shots being dedicated to Bajorans (and other 'friends') behaving badly. But first, winners!

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DWIGHT: IT'S REAL! It's not a story! In my other life I'm a black man and the captain of a space station! I SWEAR IT'S REAL!
JIM: Right. Are you a virgin on the space station too?
anthony_lynch15 wrote: View Post

Sisko: What can I do for my two executive officers?
Kira: Odo told me he loves me, and I don't know what to do.
Worf: Jadzia and are are having marital problems.
Sisko: Dammit you two! I have that Vic Fontaine program running permanently so I can avoid conversations like this!

Nerys Myk wrote: View Post

KLINGON: Take over the station? Dude, we're the band. Which way to "Quarks"?
Finn wrote: View Post

Dax: This isn't funny, Julian. Get rid of her.

Bashir: No, this isn't funny. The holographic Keiko programmed to appear whenever Miles is having an argument with Keiko in their quarters is. Or Holographic Dukat in Nerys' sonic shower.
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Alien #1: Don't you find it strange that the only distinguishable difference between us and these terrans is a bump above our upper lip.
Alien #2: It is remarkable that our appearance could evolve to match there's so closely considering we our from totally different planets on opposite ends of the galaxy, but it serves our infiltration plans perfectly.
Alien #3: Yes, with these "moustaches" we will blend in flawlessly!

JirinPanthosa wrote: View Post

OSCAR: QUARK! This is not the holoprogram I asked for!
QUARK (os): Sorry! For 4% of the human population I've never actually met a gay person before, apparently I have your fantasies wrong.

JirinPanthosa wrote: View Post

MICHAEL (os): Dwight, for the last time, you can't bring that batt'leth into the office.
DWIGHT: But it's National Klingon Appreciation Day!
MICHAEL (os): And your weird friends can't come in either.
This week's theme: With Friends Like These....

See you in two weeks, and happy captioning.
DS9 Caption Contest #122: What Kind of Doctor Are You, Again?
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