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Re: Disney's Frozen - Grading and Discussion

Frozen has crossed $400 million at the domestic box office

As you look at that top-grossers list, you don’t find very many female-centric pictures. You’ve got the Leonardio DiCaprio/Kate Winslet-starring Titanic, the action-centric The Hunger Games, and male-skewing films that played well to both genders (pretty much anything that goes that high needs gender-neutral appeal). Frozen is the only unapologetic “chick flick” on the $400m list that had no male heartthrob, mass destruction, or hard action to sell. It is a film not just about a lone woman in a (stereotypically) male-centric genre (war, action, etc.), but about women and with little to entice the male gender beyond its quality.

So yes, Frozen should be celebrated as a box office milestone, both in terms of its final gross, in terms of how it made its money (slowly, fueled by word of mouth), and how it bucked conventional wisdom (it’s an unapologetically female-centric fairy tale). It’s proven yet again that a female-centric film can reach just as high on the blockbuster scale as a conventionally male-centric one.
Frozen has done it!
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