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Which movie would you use to introduce someone with Star Trek?

First off....

Let's NOT turn this into a bash Insurrection, or any other movie, topic. We have plenty of this, that's NOT what this about.


A while ago, my girlfriend wanted to introduce a friend of hers into Star Trek. This friend has seen the JJ Abrams movies, but was curious about the other movies aswell.
My girlfriend has a fondness for Insurrection and thought it would be the perfect movie for this.
However, she quickly noticed her friend wasn't into, and she realized herself it wasn't the best movie to use.

It made me wonder what I would choose.

Personally, I think either The Wrath Of Khan of First Contact would be the best choice. Although I feel both movies are more removed from what Star Trek is at its core, they are actionpacked, fun movies with witty dialogue and good editing and directing, meaning someone who isn't into Star Trek could still enjoy them, and perhaps become more curious about the entire thing.

What movie would you pick?
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