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Re: Tips for writing a great Star Trek fanfiction story or series.

Honestly, it sounds like it's just there for the sake of being cool. Both the TARDIS stuff and the fact that it is on a ship. And why would the ship need to be massive if it can be any size on the inside? Why not just have a Galaxy-class size ship inside a shuttlecraft?

And why do they need a training facility on a ship? If it's like a training vessel a la USS Valiant, then it's understandable (but would they really use this TARDIS technology on a ship like that?), but it sounds like it's just a ship they've decided to put a school in, and I've gotta wonder what the benefit of having a school that can fly is. Why not just have them going to the academy on Earth and when they need to be on a ship they can go on a dedicated training vessel?
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