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Re: Andy Probert releases prelim plans for USS Ambassador ki

Mariner Class said:
EDIT: Those thin nacelles are really ugly. I hope he fixes that as time goes on.
I also think wider nacelles would look better.

I suspect that, from the front, the nacelles' width-to-height ratio is supposed to be somewhere between that of Excelsior's nacelles (more tall than wide) and that of Galaxy's nacelles (more wide than tall). A good intermediate design would be nacelles which are more or less equally wide and tall, not unlike the nacelles of Sternbach's version of the Ambassador.

By comparing Probert's 3D CG WIP image with the painting, it seems like the 3D CG WIP's nacelles will have to be pulled inward more. (In the two images, compare the relative position of the port nacelle's forward dome to the edge of the saucer.) Another advantage to wider nacelles is that they won't have to be pulled inward quite as far in order to make the painting and the 3D CG WIP image.
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