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Re: Your latest purchases, cont.

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Some shelves to hold my collection of rubber ducks.
Whenever I spot a rubber-duck I think of you -Cool display-case

Got my copy of Scouting for Boys in the mail today.

The day before easter I got my Jolla, but as it uses the micro SIM card I couldn't start using it... only have an ordinary (mini) SIM card

And as my wallet was stolen on the first day of easter I had no (credit)card to use when ordering a new (SIM)card (still waiting for a letter from the bank ).

Anyway, of course I started playing with it the moment I had it out of the box.... and within an hour and a half I succeeded in bricking the device

Well, no biggie, I thought, and dove into the community to find out how to reset the phone... I found that it can be done via USB (and telnet) from any system running Linux, IOS or Windows 7 - which I don't have any of! But mum's PC runs Win 7, so the problem was only a short walk away from a solution... And now I know it's time to switch to Linux on my PC

Here's my 'Home Screen' with four apps running; the one I use for screencaps, a browser, the weather and a kitchen timer:

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