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Re: Star Trek: Phase II - "Kitumba" Officially Released!

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So where is it....

EDIT: found this:

To all our fans...

It is with much regret that we must delay the release of "The Holiest Thing" due to issues beyond our control. As many of you know, we've shown a pre-release version of it at The Alamo Draft House Theater and will be showing the same version this weekend in Boskone.

We are now down to the wire, and due to the inclement weather, our colorist is still without power and unable to complete the rest of the work on the episode. We have passed the point of no return where he simply doesn't have the time to finish his work (even if his power were to be restored right at this moment).

As soon as he can get back up and running, and we have a time frame for the completion of the post production work, we'll let you all know and post a new release date.

Our sincere apologies,
The Star Trek Phase II Team
They are probably very busy with their regular job(s), but I'm really starting to wonder when they are going to release 'The Holiest Thing'.

I'm sure this webisode will be worth the wait, but it been over 2 months...

I thought Kitumba was an interesting webisode.
I think it's really great that the fan series Star Trek Phase II uses scripts from the Phase II series that never was.
Both Kitumba and The Child are original script for Phase II, Kitumba was originally a 2-part episode and we all know TNG's first episode of season 2 The Child. That script was also based on the Phase II script.
It is really fantastic that we now know how The Child was meant to be, thanks to the Phase II fan production!

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