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Re: NASA chief touts deep space exploration: We can only survive if we

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It is obvious if you energetically direct a depopulation program you could undo what is happening, but humans naturally are developing this way. I don't see a directed depopulation program anymore do you??
UN population figures have always been wrong. Europe and Japan are depopulating. Many countries have birth rates under the replacement rate. The largest birth rates occur in Sub-Saharan Africa which sadly will be dealt with by global climate change. We are already moving in that direction. We just need to remove the few remaining obstacles (like the Catholic Church and right wing conservative Christians).

Marginal survival is better than none.
Not if you factor in the cost. We deal with this in medicine all the time. If I increased your chance of survival by 1% but it cost you 1 million dollars would you do it.

A Singularity can also encompass human derived artificial intelligence. Obviously you haven't been paying attention.
HAL is a human derived AI. If you are talking about transcendence/uploading the human mind than no offense but you are talking fantasy that may never occur. Your argument is no better than saying we should explore space because the magic space ponies tell us to.
HAL is not human derived AI, he is completely machine, and no human brain emulation is very real and progressing all the time. I believe I recently posted some links that give a likely timeline for this, last time was in the Transcendence thread in SF forum. Far from being in the realm of fantasy, it's basically just a matter of time and mathematics at this point.

Um..cost is exactly what goes down as it become more common...more development=more access. Commercial space initiatives are already proliferating, and the first SLS will be tested soon, making interplanetary travel more common.

No the UN population figures are accurate:

As for population rates, they will go up before they go down. See the link I posted in the last comment.
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