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Re: NASA chief touts deep space exploration: We can only survive if we

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From Apollo 11 - 17, what was the total hours on the Moon? A day and a half, maybe?
~12.5 days total, but who's counting?

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That whole romance with the idea humans need to go to space to survive... Sigh. Earth is, and will always be, the most human-friendly planet in our reach. Mars, and any other planet in our proximity, is DEAD. You have to live in airtight bunkers, go out in spacesuits. Even if our planet was hit by a catastrophe like a supervolcano, Earth would still be a friendlier environment than that. If you can build autark colonies on Mars and Venus, you can build autark colonies on a catastrophy Earth.
Then that talk about terraforming. We can't even purposely terraform our own planet.
In the near term, geologically speaking, yes, Earth is the best place for us. But in the extreme long term, the sun and Earth will eventually die. Then what? Personally, I hope the human race survives that long and has found a way to live beyond the Solar System, rather than just die with it.
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