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Re: Cosmos - With Neil deGrasse Tyson

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And there lies a problem with Cosmos. Science isn't meant to become a religion (though the writer preaches that we should worship in Planetariums), because good science doesn't produce values, it only has the values we bring to it.
Values may be included as part of a religion or mythology, but the instilling of values is not religion's purpose. The purpose of religion and mythology is to open one up to a sense of his or her mystery and to put that person in psychological accord with his society, the world, (as it really is understood by the science of the day, not by the science of millennia ago) and the inevitable realities of life. This experience (not mere "belief") is rendered through a language of images and metaphors which communicate a truth beyond mere literal truth. When religious text becomes not mythologically but historically interpreted, those symbols lose their power and the religion is dead. The symbols of the Bible came out of another culture in another part of the world a long time ago, and the symbols which once readily clicked with a culture have become impotent in our own. The Bible has thus been reduced to the role of rulebook, instilling "values" because it's lost its actual religion. The same is true of Judaism and Islam.

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Scientists sometimes step over the line, and sometimes where they step is what makes us realize that there should have been a line when one didn't already exist.
It wouldn't take much a google search to find immoral activity committed by so-called "moral" religious people as well, therefore I'm not sure what your point is.
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