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Re: nuEnterprise cutaway

Thank you all for the kind words
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It seems like the "intermix chambers" and the "communications" areas are both a bit too big, I wonder if one could find rough plans for the Van Nuys brewery and get a sense for the acual dimentions of those areas?
The length of the brewery I got from an article/interview with Atomic Fiction, who made the CG extended version for the roly poly sequence. They said the CG set extended about 100 feet in front and behind the actors, so about 200ft across (IIRC I ended up making it slightly bigger). The height was a guesstimate based on looking at a ton of photos inside the brewhouse, and old exterior photos of it's construction which show it to be around 100ft tall. If there are floor plans or accurate dimensions out there (even of just the fermenting tanks), I'd be very happy to see them and adjust accordingly!

I originally had Communications smaller, until I saw a Youtube video of the Van Nuys brewery tour, and the guide gave the size of the tanks in there as 20ft tall and 80ft long. He may have been rounding up, but I took it literally and adjusted accordingly. It's worth noting that in Star Trek: The Video Game, the chamber appears much smaller with a low ceiling, and is right next door to the water turbine/coolant area. The warp core area in the game appears very different to anything in the movies, and as a result of all these discrepancies, I chose not to use it as a source.
And instead of intermix chambers, I think I would have called them antimatter storage tanks.
Based on what we saw inside some of them in ST'09, I like to think of them as TMP-style intermix chambers, but (battery analogy coming up) set up in parallel as opposed to the TMP version, which could be interpreted as segments stacked in series. It would be very convenient if parallel instead of series had the higher output, since it would neatly explain why they have to be suspended in massive coolant tanks. But it's the other way around. Bah.
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