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Re: Cosmos - With Neil deGrasse Tyson

Sorry, but that's just part of American culture. It's sort of like rap culture but with better aim. Nothing in science contradict that basic truth of it, and stripped of teleological arguments science would confirm that if you shoot your neighbor dead, your neighbor will quit causing you problems. This has been experimentally confirmed countless times.

And there lies a problem with Cosmos. Science isn't meant to become a religion (though the writer preaches that we should worship in Planetariums), because good science doesn't produce values, it only has the values we bring to it. The Nazi twin and Tuskegee experiments were good scientific experiments, as far as science goes. Our reaction to them was that they violated basic human decency to an extreme degree.

If you think you side with science, and then think that it has intrinsic values and so doesn't need your little input, then you are dooming people to suffering and hell because you're not saying "No. You can't experiment on children. You can't experiment on Jews. You can't experiment on blacks. You can't experiment on convicts, no matter what great scientific leaps will be made."

In Obama's first election speech, he preached that no longer will science be held back by primitive religious beliefs, then in an amazing lack of self-awareness said that human cloning was wrong, because it was wrong. Why is cloning wrong? It would be the biggest boon to science since the last big boon to science.

He was trying to stand above morality yet be the promulgator of it, which doesn't work at all. The Nazis tried that, and they are wildly condemned for it. The same gut feelings that tell us what is wrong and right are used by us to tell scientists what is wrong and right, and used by science and medical ethicists to tell researchers and doctors what is and is not permitted, because science is stubbornly silent on the issue. We have to decide what is acceptable. Science can't do that for us, and attempts to let science do that have led to some of the worst abuses in history, because bad men are always willing to cloak their actions in respectability, and what is more respectable than science?
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