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Re: How would a Dalek play Cricket?

^ Although they would make terrible players. They move so slowly that they'd be VERY easy to tag out. And good luck to a Dalek trying to steal second base.

A Dalek might make a good catcher, though. No one would dare try to run into one while trying to cross home plate.

Another unfortunate side effect, though: On an all-Dalek team, the inevitable bench-clearing brawl (or the clearing of whatever Daleks use for benches) would be the most boring thing imaginable, as they would slowly scoot out to the mound - Daleks don't charge - and keep bumping into one another. Daleks can't even fight without shooting, for crying out loud. So a bunch of giant salt shakers trying to stare each other down would provoke hysterical laughter from the crowd. Whom the Daleks would then shoot.

A Dalek could try its plunger at being a manager, though it would find that trying to kick dirt on the umpire would be exceedingly difficult without legs.
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