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Re: Cosmos - With Neil deGrasse Tyson

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For example, in my culture, if you were having an ongoing dispute with some neighbor, and saw him from a great distance sitting alone in the woods by his fire, you didn't approach to make amends and forgive each other, you took a long range rifle shot at his head, because God had delivered him up into your hands, and successfully killing him with a bullet through the back meant the Lord was smiling down upon you and your family, and you were right with Him. Obviously, if God hadn't wanted you to kill your neighbor, he wouldn't have given you such a perfect shot with no witnesses. And thus, justice is done and His purpose is served.
That's one fucked up culture. And I fail to see why describing it has any relevance in a thread about scientific rigor. A rogue idea (like the notion that climate change is invalid) only remains rogue if it cannot be scientifically substantiated. Given enough scientific data, any idea will be scientifically accepted. With that in mind, any comment about killing a neighbor with a long-range rifle shot, in a thread about science, is particularly preposterous and intellectually vapid.
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