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Re: What If: Captain Riker of the USS Voyager

Tom Riker was a member of the Maquis already.

1. Both of the serving on the ship as Captain and first officer. And they parent trap it, wearing each other uniforms from time to time for a laugh.

2. One of them is murdered by the big bad, who the surviving Riker decides to Hunt across the galaxy first before plotting a course home.

3. They get Tuvixed instead of Neelix and Tuvok, and no one cares. Well maybe they care, but then they can really argue if they are distinct people yet because of the last decade plus being separated.

4. Deanna starts cheating on Will with Tom, and then there's a huge argument about who the father of her unborn child is.

5.The Riker Brothers and the DeLaney Sisters have a monthly Clones vs twins Parrises squares Grudge Match.
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