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UESPA Announces the Launch of Earth's First Warp Ship

The launch of the S.S. Valiant ADC-11031 in February 2065 will be a landmark occasion. For the first time humanity will reach beyond the limits of our star system at faster than light velocities.

The S.S. Valiant began life as a cargo freighter primarily serving the asteroid belt and nearby colonies. The Valiant fell into the hands of its current owner and operator after the initial nuclear strikes in 2054. It was used to rescue several survivors and transport them to safety. After this it remained in service among the various solar colonies and even bringing aid to areas of the earth devastated by the war.

With Zefram Cochrane's historic discovery on April 5, 2063 and many subsequent tests; Mr. Cochrane, working in conjunction with the United Earth Space probe Agency(UESPA), was finally ready to test Warp drive in a fully functional ship for extended durations.

The Valiant was selected to host this experiment because of its durability and service history. In addition to the new warp drive, the crew compliment of the Valiant will be upgraded from five to eleven.

The first mission of the Valiant will be to deliver supplies to the colonies at Alpha Centauri (founded by the Icarus 2048) and Bernard's Star (founded by the Adameve in 2050).

Our hopes and dreams ride with the Valiant and her crew.


I had an idea to make a fan mini or short series about earth's first warp starship, the S.S. Valiant. I've been working on a model which is based on Greg Jein's model, as well as some back ground information.

I thought it would be fun to promote this project by making it seem like a current event. I'm working on a website and facebook page for "live" update. So it would seem like we are experiencing the "real" project. The website would include "historic" information about UESPA and the Valiant. It would also have "archival" footage of the Valiant. This would It would be cool if I could set of a "live" webcam of the Valiant so website visitors could watch the upgrade of the Valiant. All CG of course.

My brother, my cousin, and I were discussing making a video project and I think this would be something fun.

Here are some renders of the model so far. I've also made the UESPA logo from the Friendship 1 Probe which was launched in 2067; and a morphed image of Zefram Cochrane for potential use on the website.

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