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Re: How I Met Your Mother: The Final Season

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I've been watching the 7th and 8th season since the finale and there are all kinds of hints about what is going to happen. Victoria breaks up with Ted by telling him him and Robin are going to end up together. Even if it takes 15 years.
Again, just because they HAD a plan doesn't make it a good plan.
Again, just because you didn't like the finale, it doesn't necessarily mean it was terrible, either.
Well, it means it to him. That's really all that matters. You thinking it was great does not change my opinion on the matter. Opinions are funny, you know that from being in the biz. It could be (on paper) a perfect script, and it can bomb and then the suits do what they do.

If opinions didn't mater then we'd be on season 12 of Firefly and Johnny Depp wouldn't be constant recast in the same God damned role in every move he's been in ever.
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